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African Flower Hexagon english

8. March 2017

For the flower lovers among us, I want to offer another tutorial on the African Flower, together with my very own method to make them into hexies which you can crochet together to bags and blankies.


I worked with acrylic yarn (for example Paintbox which you can order here) and a 4,5 mm hook. Everybody has another way of crocheting, one crochets more loose, the next more tight, so perhaps another hook might suit better for you.

But now let’s get started with that African Flower!

(US Terms)

Start with a Magic ring, in which you crochet 6 times *2 double crochets (dc) and 1 chain*. The first of the dc is replaced by 2 chains. Finish the first round with a slip stitch.


Start the second round with another colour. Crochet *2 dc, 1 chain and 2 dc* in each gap (chains of round 1). And again, the first dc in the round is replaced by 2 chains.


Complete the round with a slip stitch.


Now crochet another slip stitch to reach the gap (chain of round 2) between the dcs. Here, you crochet 2 chains for substituting the first dc, then 6 dc.


Crochet 7 dc in each gap (chains of round 2) now and finish the round with a slip stich in the upper chain which was the first dc.


For letting emerge a nice flower, change the colour again. Crochet single crochet (sc) in each dc (7 times per petal).


And now the special something about the African flower: Crochet another (the 8th) sc between the petals, but insert the hook in the second round. This highlights the 6 petals in a very nice way.


When this round is done, your African flower is ready. Now you can continue to crochet it into a Hexagon with my method to put several hexies together to a bag or blankie.

The Ratschebutsch-Hexie-Method:

After finishing the round, you continue in the same colour with another slip stitch, to get into the second sc. Into this, you crochet 2 dc (again, you substitute the first dc with 2 chains). Skip one sc now and crochet 2 dc in the fourth sc.


Now we work the corner: Crochet 1 chain and in the  next sc (fifth) 2 dc. Corner done. 😉

Now you skip one sc again and crochet 2 dc in the seventh sc.

Skip the eigth and first sc of the next petal and continue.


Again, for an easier understanding (I have the feeling it seems a little complicated, but I swear, it isn’t!):

For each petal, wie crochet 2 dc, for the corner 2 dc, 1 chain and 2 dc and again 2dc. We skip 1 sc between each 2 dc, except when we work the corner.

Did I confuse you even more or did this help? I really hope it helped!


Now you can crochet as many rounds as you like. Your hexie will grow similar to a Granny Square – in the corners, you add 2 times 2 dc with a chain in between.


I hope you have fun with these Ratschebutsch-Hexies! Here you find the tutorials on how to join them and how to crochet the Ratschebohohippiebag from 10 hexies!

It would be a pleasure if you would show me your hexies on my Facebook page or Insta-Feed using #ratschebutschhexies!

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