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Scrapyarnblanket à la Ratschebutsch – a recipe for a nice crochet snack

25. May 2018

Hello lovely fellow crocheters,

today I want to share my recipe for the Scrapyarnblanket à la Ratschebutsch with you.

Many of you asked questions about it on my Instagram feed and I want to provide you all the info at once.


So, let’s start:

  • Gather all your scrapyarns that need the same hook (in my example it’s dk yarn, and as I am a tight crocheter, I used a 5.5 mm hook).
  • Don’t mind when all the colors don’t harmonize at first sight – working on a scrapyarnblankie teaches you so many lessons about how colors work together and you will discover new combinations you never thought would look so great together.
  • Me personally, I love a good bunch of mismatching colors and watching how they give the blanket its personal style.
  • I always use one color as some kind of anchor for the eyes, in the pictured blanket it’s the black glitter yarn.
  • In any case: Remember that this is YOUR blanket, and it has to be eyecandy for YOU alone! So get wild and mismatch, or make a big rainbow, or go for all the pink shades in your yarn stash, do whatever YOU like best – I can’t wait to see your results! (Please be so kind and share them on Instagram using the #scrapyarnblanketalaratschebutsch and/or on my Facebook page!

  • Make yourself some scrapyarn surpriseballs: Knot threads of different lengths of different colors together using the magic knot (please find tutorials on YouTube, if you don’t know how to tie it) and wind them into colorful yarn balls.
  • A note on the magic knot: People are often reluctant to trust it (I was myself, I totally understand), so my advice for you is crocheting a small piece (a potholder, for example) using magic knots and throwing it into the washing machine several times. Then you will see that this knot is truly magic. 😉

  •  If you are not sure how long the single threads should be, start by knotting them together as you go. This way, you will get a feeling on how long you like your threats best. I prefer mine in completely different lengths.
  • Crochet your blanket using the V-Stitch, turning your work at the end of each row and starting with a chain as long as you want to get your blanket broad (chain a number divisible by 2 plus 1).
  • Continue crocheting as many rows as you want your blanket to get long.
  • Weave in the two (only two!!! *wild happy dance praising the magic knot*) ends of the blankie and snuggle up!

Buon Appetito, lovely peeps!

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Take care and happy crocheting,