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Tutorial Ratsche Boho Hippie Blankie 1/3

1. October 2017

Welcome to the first part of our Ratsche Boho Hippie Blankie CAL!

Zur deutschen Version geht es hier.

I wrote up this pattern in US terms for you. You can also find the complete and printable Version here.

 Making 4 half Granny Squares for the Ratsche Boho Hippie Blankie

Start with a magic ring. If you need help how to do the magic ring, please consult YouTube, there are plenty of clips!

Chain 2 (counts as first dc), crochet 2 dc, chain 2 (for the corner) and 3 dc again.

Pull your magic ring tight.

Chain 2 and turn work.

Crochet 2 dc into the last dc of the previous half round.

Work the corner as follows: 3 dc, chain 2, 3 dc.

For the last cluster of dcs, insert your hook beetween the chain 2 and first dc of the previous half round (where my hook points to in the picture).

Crochet 3 dc into this space and turn your work again.

Continue turning your work at the end of each half round. You will need 53 half rounds for each half Granny to get the size I did in the example. Of course you can make it smaller or even bigger, that’s totally up to you! Just make sure that all four half Grannies have the same amount of half rounds and you’ll be fine. 😊

Please finish the last half round only half. Next week, when I release the next step, you’ll see why.

Please note: To make the blanket warm and snuggly, I didn’t work chains between clusters. In the corners, I chained 2.

Extra-Trick: How to change colors

Take another color at the end of the half round and stop finishing your dc where I did in the picture.

Finish it with the new color…

…chain 2, turn work and continue your half Granny.

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Happy crocheting and all the best for you!