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Tutorial Ratsche Boho Hippie Blankie 2/3

7. October 2017

Welcome back to the second part of our Ratsche Boho Hippie Blankie CAL!

You find part 1 here!

Let’s start!

Joining the 4 parts using the join-as-you-go-metho

Lay the parts flat out…

…and put your hook in the corner of the „passive“ joining part.

Means, you only work the saffron part when joining the moccha part to it.

Insert your hook into the corner and pull your thread back up.

Make a ss.

Crochet your 3 dc in saffron.

Right after this, you reach the next space between clusters of the mocha part. Insert your hook there again and pull your thread back up.

Make a ss.

Continue finishing your half round while doing a ss at each space between 3-dc-clusters.

Add the third half Granny (cream) as follows:

Add the fourth half Granny (pink):

Now frog the mocha part till the corner again, so you can join it properly.

Here you go:

The result should look like this, if it looks different, it’s art 😉:

How to join the edges

To make the edges look perfect, we will work chain 2 instead of 1 dc at the end of the half round.

Means after doing the first 2 dc of the last cluster, insert your hook as follows…

…pull your yarn through…

…make a ss…

…chain 2…

…and finish with a ss into the space in which you worked the 2 dc…

Pull through, fasten off and weave in the ends.

All the best for you and see you for part 3 next week!


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Thank you!