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Tutorial Ratsche Boho Hippie Blankie 3/3

15. October 2017

Welcome back to the final step of the free tutorial for the Ratsche Boho Hippie Blankie!

The border/edge

Crochet 2 dc into each end of the row of your half Grannies. Work the corners with 2 dc, chain 2 and 2dc.

Work each next round crocheting your 2 dc into the middle of the dc clusters of the previous round. This makes it look like Vs and is therefore called the V-stitch.

Continue your rounds till the border is broad enough for your taste and add another round, doing hdc instead of dc.


And now:

Snuggle yourself and/or a loved one up to enjoy a colorful and warm winter with your Ratsche Boho Hippie Blankie!

Prepare yourself a cup of tea or hot chocolate and take a good book with you, when you are a single snuggler.

You did a great job finishing this XXL project, I am proud of you!

Therefore, please don’t forget to share your results on Facebook and/or Insta with me.

All the best for you, keep on creating!


Please be fair and don’t duplicate, forward and/or sell this Design. If you want to sell your results in small amounts, I’m okay with it. In this case, mentioning me as the Designer of this pattern is mandatory. Please mention me as the Designer (tag @ratscheutsch) when showing pics of your results. Thank you.